HUT Observatory

Equipment Donations / Loans

10-inch Cave Astrola Newtonian reflecting telescope donated for use by Eagle Valley Astronomical Society

10-inch Cave Astrola Newtonian reflecting telescope donated for use by Eagle Valley Astronomical Society

HUT Observatory facilitates a growing collection of equipment for Eagle Valley Astronomical Society and other collaborating organizations.  Instruments available for use by local educators, families, and students include a computer controlled 10-inch Meade LX-200 ACF telescope (currently used by Walking Mountains Science Center); a computer-controlled 11-inch Celestron CPC 1100 GPS telescope (currently in use by a local science teacher) ; a classic 13-inch Dobsonian reflecting telescope nicknamed “Big Red” (currently being used by Roundup River Ranch); a classic 10-inch Cave Astrola Newtonian reflector (reserved for EVAS events); and a classic Celestron 8 Schmidt-Cassegrain reflector (currently available).  An extraordinary 9-inch observatory refractor by built by Lohmann Brothers of Greenville, Ohio, over a century ago has recently been acquired for the use of Roundup River Ranch, a camp program for children near Dotsero, Colorado.  A 6-inch f/13 mirror is being used for a prototype long-focus Dobsonian telescope design, in a collaboration with David Blum and members of the Eagle Valley Astronomical Society.  This project envisions a number of easy-to-use telescopes available for distribution through local libraries.  John W. Briggs has built, displayed, and demonstrated a prototype 6-inch library Dobsonian telescope at the May, 2013, meeting of the Eagle Valley Astronomical Society.

HUT Observatory is also grateful for the loan and donation of specialized equipment for its own use.  Recently in use on the 16-inch telescope was an SBIG high-resolution spectrograph and CCD, lent by Professor Heidi Newberg of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  We expect a second spectrograph to soon be in use in collaboration with the American Association of Variable Star Observers.

The Celestron 11 telescope was donated by Mr. James K. Hoffmeister of Boulder; the Cave 10-inch and Celestron 8-inch telescopes by Robert D. Kern of Wisconsin, and the 13-inch Dobsonian was made available by Eagle Valley Middle School.  The 6-inch f/13 mirror was donated by John Jarosz of Skokie, Illinois.  The 9-inch Lohmann Brothers refractor has been made available by Mary Ann Dodson of El Paso, Texas, in memory of her late husband, Charles H. Dodson, and his enthusiastic interest in it.  The remaining heavy parts of this telescope were put into safe storage at Rounduu River Ranch in June, 2013, in hope that funding will be found for an appropriate observatory structure within the next year.

A excellent Panasonic Toughbook laptop computer was donated by Eagle Valley Astronomical Society member David Blum, after he configured it to run Stellarium software as a control program for the 11-inch Celestron donated by James Hoffmeister.  Fellow member John Batts is donating a Celestron German equatorial mounting to serve students with various telescope tube assemblies already available to the Society.

A 95-cm observatory telescope formerly at Princeton University  was transferred to the Michele and David Mittelman Family Foundation in 2013 for a major new project.  Details and progress are reported in the Latest News section of this website.