HUT Observatory


This page relates to artifacts in the HUT Observatory historical collection, including telescopes, accessories, books, and related items.  The phrases below (under construction) will soon link to illustrated articles regarding selected artifacts.  Further below are are thumbnail images of a selection of artifacts.

Smaller telescopes

  • Leonardo Semitecolo vellum 13/16-inch, 18th century
  • Nairne 3-inch Gregorian
  • B. Martin, Fleet Street, London, Gregorian 2 1/2-inch
  • Dollond library telescope, 2 1/16 -inch
  • Dollond, London 2 3/4-inch non-achromatic night glass, inverted image
  • Dollond, London 2 3/4-inch long glass
  • Dollond 6-draw prospect glass
  • “Adams’s New Patent Portable Telescope”
  • Troughton & Simms 3-draw
  • G. & S. Merz vorm. Utzschneider & Fraunhofer in München, 2 3/4-inch
  • Utzschneider u. Fraunhofer 3-draw
  • G. & S. Merz vorm Utzschneider & Fraunhofer 4-draw
  • Merz, Utzschneider und Fraunhofer 3-draw hand telescope
  • G. & S. Merz, vorm. Utzschneider & Fraunhofer student equatorial refractor
  • Merz und Sohn in München 3-draw
  • U.S. Navy prism 3-inch, WWII, on stand with rollers

Portable larger telescopes

  • Alvan Clark & Sons Corporation 3-inch Type T refractor
  • Alvan Clark & Sons “Reworked” 5-inch comet seeker, circa 1895, formerly of Peninsula Scientific
  • Alvan Clark & Sons  5-inch 1890 refractor, equatorial and tripod
  • Alvan Clark & Sons 7-inch refractor, wooden tube, circa 1860, formerly of Allegheny College
  • George A. Carroll 4-inch equatorial refractor, tripod mounted, 1958, built by R. R. Cook
  • George A. Carroll 5-inch equatorial solar telescope, formerly of Williams College

Observatory telescopes and components

  • Alvan Clark & Sons 6-inch observatory refractor, 1884, formerly of University of the Pacific
  • 5  1/2-inch Fauth & Co. observatory refractor, circa 1876
  • 6-inch Goto observatory refractor, 1956, formerly of Titan Observatory, Los Angeles
  • Goto astrographic plate camera
  • George A. Carroll astrographic equatorial, 6-inch guider and 4-inch camera, 1953, built by R. R. Cook for George Moyen
  • Boller & Chivens 95-cm observatory reflector, 1965, formerly of Princeton University
  • Perkin-Elmer 36-inch f/4 fused-silica primary mirror from project Stratoscope II, 1960

Related instruments

  • John Browning automatic solar spectroscope, circa 1880
  • John Browning micro-spectroscope, circa 1880
  • Alvan Clark & Sons filar micrometer, circa 1884, formerly of University of the Pacific
  • Combined Transit and Zenith Instrument, Fauth & Co., circa 1884, formerly of University of the Pacific
  • Dollond astronomical transit with two graduated circles
  • Cooke-style 1 3/4-inch astronomical transit, “#624,” level, and case
  • Goto ocular spectroscope
  • 3-draw ivory binocular glass, “L’Ingenieur Chevallier”


  • Barnard, E. E.  A Photographic Atlas of Selected Regions of the Milky Way, Part I and Part II, 1927, copy formerly of Dr. John W. Evans
  • Herschel, William.  Collected Scientific Papers, Sir William Herschel, vol. 1 and 2, 1912
  • Roberts, Isaac.  Celestial Photographs, with Vol. 2