HUT Observatory



The 16-inch f/8 telescope of HUT Observatory, installed in 2007 by DFM Engineering.

The 16-inch f/8 telescope of HUT Observatory, installed in 2007 by DFM Engineering.

The main telescope is a 16-inch f/8 reflector built by DFM Engineering of Longmont, Colorado, in 2007.  The principal CCD cameras available are an Apogee Alta model U47 and an SBIG model STX-16803.  The Apogee camera has a back-illuminated detector with 13-micron pixels in a 1024×1024 array, and a DFM filter wheel equipped with UVBRI filers for broadband astronomical photometry.  The SBIG camera has a filter wheel appropriate for standard color photography.

A 5-inch f/5.2 TeleVue NP127is telescope is available for wide-angle imaging and special guiding, as well as a Pentax 165-mm f/2.8 lens, designed for medium-format photography, but equipped with an adapter for the STX-16803 camera.  With the Pentax lens, the STX-16803 records a field of approximately 12×12 degrees.

A 6-inch Lunt hydrogen-alpha solar telescope, model LS152, is available with a portable Astro-Physics equatorial.

A Luminera SKYnyx2-0 monochrome camera is available for video work, controlled by Lucam Recorder software.

The DFM telescope was upgraded in June, 2013, with absolute encoders and a Windows 7 computer running the latest version of DFM software.  This includes ASCOM drivers allowing the telescope and observatory to be controlled via ACP remote-access and automation software from DC-3 Dreams, SP.  Additional software from DFM allows tracking Earth satellites.

HUT Observatory also has a collection of historical instruments including the 6-inch Goto observatory refractor formerly of Titan Observatory in California and a 19th century 5 1/4-inch Fauth refractor formerly of the late Patrick Michaud.