HUT Observatory

Restoration and Duplication of Seagrave Instruments

Maine Micrometer

A filar micrometer eyepiece attachment from University of Maine’s Jordan Observatory that is being restored and duplicated by Hall and Parker of Seagrave Memorial Observatory in Rhode Island.

The historical collection at HUT Observatory is assisting in a spectacular, ongoing refurbishment of the 8-inch 1878 telescope by Alvan Clark & Sons at Seagrave Memorial Observatory in  North Scituate, Rhode Island.  Seagrave astronomers Allen Hall and Dick Parker have refurbished the instrument and replaced many missing parts.  They are presently recreating the long-lost Seagrave filar micrometer, an elaborate eyepiece mechanism used to measure the position angle and tiny separation between double stars.  Two similar filar micrometers at HUT Observatory, both made by the Clark firm, have served as models, along with a third that is property of University of Maine.  The Maine instrument, which had been reassembled from scattered parts by HUT’s John Briggs, will be completed and restored for the University when Hall and Parker complete missing parts.  At least three new micrometers will be built, all based mainly on the University of Maine example.  Two of these will go with two 3/4-scale reproductions of the 8-inch Seagrave telescope that are being built by Hall and Parker.  The team has previously built two complete 16-inch Cassegrain reflecting telescopes that were prize-winners at the annual Stellafane Convention in Springfield, Vermont.  Progress to date on the current scale reproductions ensures that the completed 6-inch refractors will create a sensation at the annual summer convention, which draws well over 1,000 telescope enthusiasts.



The 8-inch 1878 telescope by Alvan Clark & Sons at Seagrave Memorial Observatory as recently refurbished by Hall, Parker, and fellow members of the Skyscrapers, Inc., Astronomical Society of Rhode Island.