HUT Observatory

Scientific Collaborations

HUT Observatory is presently collaborating with with astronomers and educators at Walking Mountains Science Center in Avon, Colorado; Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts; National Solar Observatory, Tucson, Arizona; Roundup River Ranch, Gypsum, Colorado; the Summer Science Program of California and New Mexico; and at schools throughout Eagle County, Colorado, to name but some.

A single recent research paper coauthored by HUT Observatory in the Minor Planet Bulletin, edited by Professor Richard Binzel at MIT, included a total of nine authors from the United States, Italy, Georgia Republic, Ukraine, Russia, and Czech Republic.  Recently completed technical collaborations have involved the Yerkes Observatory of University of Chicago, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Allegheny College of Pennsylvania.

Other ongoing projects and collaborations relate to the history of astronomy and related instrumentation.  HUT Observatory also operates a video meteor camera system in collaboration with Cloudbait Observatory and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  Including works now in progress, some 20 publications associated with HUT Observatory are indexed by NASA’s Astrophysical Data Service starting in late 2010.